A block pattern a day

Today I am launching an experimental site for a month and I will see where it goes beyond that. I am going to be creating a block pattern a day on Patternspiration.

I am doing this for a few reasons, first I wanted to start exploring the possibilities of patterns for myself. I also wanted to see what happens and how the tools being created around design evolve as we approach 5.9, to do that using them each day will really be useful.

So, let’s see what happens when I create a pattern a day!

4 responses to “A block pattern a day”

  1. I am one of your regular visitors of Patternspiration project. I am trying to learn to create my own customized patterns as well from pattern directory or FSE themes.

    I am struggling to create a timeline pattern for a while. It looks like timeline block is available at wp.com but not at wp.org yet. I am hoping you would create one in your project.

    By the way, all your patterns look great to me and can’t wait to see what others look like!

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